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Washington Department of Ecology Integrated Water Quality Funding Program

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) administers an integrated funding program for three state and federal
financial and technical assistance programs to improve and protect water quality.

  • Centennial Clean Water Fund State Grant Program
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program
  • Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 319(h) Non-Point Source (NPS) Grant Program

Ecology manages the three water quality grant and loan programs as one. There is one combined funding cycle, one
application form and submittal period, and a combined funding offer list.

Eligible agencies include: cities, counties, tribes, conservation districts, and some qualified non-profit organizations

Projects include:

  • Upgrading of aging wastewater treatment infrastructure.
  • Planning, design, and construction of new wastewater treatment infrastructure.
  • Stormwater control and treatment.
  • Nonpoint pollution abatement and stream restoration activities.
  • Water Quality education and outreach.

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